Oysters based on availability – $2.75/per


Raw Scallop, Lemongrass & Turnip – 12
Ahi Tartar and Allumettes Fries – 15
Marinated Mussels & Beans On Grilled Sourdough – 13
Leeks Vinaigrette, Hens Egg & Boquerones – 11
Charred Carrots, Crab & Bearnaise – 14
Big Green Salad, Buttermilk, Nuts & Seeds – 13


Asparagus Tortelli, Pecorino & Marcona Almonds – 25
Charred Mackerel, Horseradish Cream, Potato & Watercress – 25
Striped Bass, Morels & Sunchoke – 27
Crab Cavatelli Fra Diavolo – 26


Buttermilk Panna Cotta, Poached Rhubarb & Lemon Thyme- 8
Bittersweet Chocolate Sesame Tart & Creme Fraiche – 8

****Menu items subject to change due to seasonality or availability. Website displays smaller sample menu and may not display all menu options that are available****



Less Than Ideal Situation
Bourbon Whiskey & Pineapple Rind, Bianco Vermouth, Spruce, Fresh Lemon, Peychauds Bitters

No-Spresso Martini
Silver Sotol, Coffee Bean & Sunchoke, Italian Amaro, Dry Sherry, Coconut Milk, Molé Bitters

Third Moon In June 
Vodka, Dry Sherry, Bitter Orange Vermouth, Rhubarb, Fresh Lemon & Egg White

The Gangster Of Love
London Dry Gin, Green Alder Pepper Amaro, Orgeat, Fresh Lemon & Egg White

Famous Last Words
Carribean Rum Blend, Cachaça & Tumeric, Green Chartreuse, Maraschino, Mezcal, Fresh Lime

The Space Cowboy
Akavit & Coconut, Peruvian Pisco, Dry White Vermouth, Italian Amaro, Buddha’s Hand

Return Of Su-Mac 
Mezcal & Fig, Sherry & Sumac, Quinquina Aperitif, Rhubarb Root Amaro, Orange & Boker’s Bitters

Second That Emotion
Bottled Cocktail: London Dry Gin, Dry Red Vermouth, Quinine Aperitif, Rhubarb Root Amaro, Grapefruit & Orange Bitters

Menta Wray
Carbonated Keg Cocktail: Overproof Jamaican Rum, Italian Mint Amaro, Fresh Lime & Green Grapefruit Soda


Am Stein Pure & Naked Pet Nat, Würzburger, Germany
– Cab/Sauv Blanc
Pares Balta Pink Cava, Catalunya, Spain
– Garnacha
Blomidon Estate Blanc De Noirs, Nova Scotia, Canada
– Pinot Noir & Meunier

White & Maceration

Peropan Soave Classico, Veneto, Italy
– Garganega
Lightfoot & Wolfville, Annapolis Valley, NS, Canada
– Sauvignon Blanc
Respect Orange Wine, Epirus, Greece
– Debina
Sepp Moser, Burgenland, Austria
– Zweigelt
Herdade Rocim Amphora Branco, Alentejo, Portugal
– Blend
Pearl Morissette, Cuvée Metis, Niagara, ON
– Chardonnay


Soli, Thracian Valley, Bulgaria
– Pinot Noir
Heinrich Organic, Burgenland, Austria
Sandhill, Okanagan, BC, Canada
– Barbera
Schnaitmann Steinweige Troken, Württemberg, Germany
– Lemberger

Draft Beer 9 oz/18 oz

Tatamagouche Brewing, Kitty Clyde, DIPA, 7.8%, 2 Crows Brewing, Fool’s Errand, Foeder Aged Wild Saison 5.8%, North Brewing, Lawrencetown Surf Session Ale, 4.0%

Bottles & Cans

Trailway Brewing, Parallel, Session Ale, 4.0% – 473 ml
Brasserie Dunham, Viti Vini Vici, Farmhouse On Grape Skins, 6.2% – 750 ml
Tatamagouche Brewing, Square One, Dry Hopped Saison 2018, 6.1%  – 650 ml
Unfiltered Brewing, Sour Mofo, Barrel Aged Cherry Kettle Sour, 7.5% – 473 ml
Sourwood, Herbaceous, Dry Hopped Farmhouse Cider, 5.8% – 473 ml
Bellwoods Brewing, Barn Owl (No.16), Barrel Aged Wild Ale, 6.5% – 500 ml
Propeller Brewing, Azacca, India Session Ale, 4.5% – 473 ml
Miller High Life, American Lager, 4.6% – 355 ml
Stillwell Brewing, Poptones, 2018, Farmhouse Pale Ale, 5.3% – 500 ml

*Non Alcoholic: Coffee, Tea, Non Alcoholic Cocktails, Soda


*Website may not reflect exact beverage options due to availability and seasonality*