Oysters based on availability – $2.75/per


Charbroiled Oysters, Parmesan & Garlic Butter – 20 for a 1/2 dozen
Ahi Tartar and Allumettes Fries – 15
Fritto Misto & Fennel Aioli – 12
Boston Lettuce, Buttermilk Dressing, Herbs & Seeds – 12
Charred Carrots, Crab & Bearnaise – 14
Smoked Sweetbreads, Charred Brocolli & Tonnato Sauce – 14


Whole Grilled Hake, Chorizo Verde & Dandelion Greens – 26
Sorprese Cacio E Pepe & Peas – 21
Culurgiones, Brown Butter & Asparagus – 23
Spaghetti Nero Alla Chitarra, ‘Nduja & Mussels – 25
Skate Wing & Morels – 25


Rhubarb & Ginger Cheesecake – 9
Dark Chocolate Flourless Cake & Burnt Sugar Ice Cream – 9

****Menu items subject to change due to seasonality and availability. Website may not display all menu options accurately.****



Jungle Daq
Rhum Agricole, Banana Liqueur, Mint Overproof Rum, Fresh Lime & Simple Syrup

Hairline Privelege
Bottled Cocktail: Irish Whiskey, Bitter Chambery Vermouth, Green Chartreuse, Plum & Root Beer Bitters

Funkier Than A Mosquito’s Tweeter 
Vodka, Orange Aperitivo, Ginger Liqueur, Golden Berry Cordial, Fresh Lemon

A Town Called Brazil
Popcorn Cachaça, Amaro Fernet, Pineapple & Yuzu Cordial, Fresh Lime, Celery Bitters

Floppy Disk 
Mezcal, Bitter Artichoke Amaro, Orange Curaçao, Fresh Grapefruit, Soda

Can’t Bay Leaf It
Silver Tequila, Bay Leaf, Wild Elderflower, Suze, Dry Vermouths, Orange Bitters

Mo Marrow, Mo Problems 
Aged Jamaican Rum, Italian Aperitif Wine, Bitter Orange Vermouth, Marrow Washed Mezcal, Pedro Ximenez Sherry, Mole Bitters

No. Sleep. ‘Til Dartmouth
Aged Guyana Rum, Dry White Port, French Bitter Vermouth, Mezcal, Moondog Bitters, Absinthe Rinse

A Fool’s Errand
American Rye Whiskey, French Aromatized Wine, Pineapple Rum, Italian Vegetal Liqueur, Smoked Coconut Aromatic Bitters


Perelada Stars Cava, Blend, Perelada, Spain
– Blend
Francoise Bedel, Entre Ciel et Terre, Blend, Champagne, France
– Blend
Benjamin Bridge NV Sparkling Rosé
– Blend


Southbrook Orange Wine, Niagara, Canada


Colinas de Uruguay, Maldonado, Uruguay
– Albarīno
Squealing Pig, Marlborough, New Zealand
– Sauvignon Blanc
Paul Mas Estate, Languedoc, France
– Marsanne
Am Stein Muschelkal, Würzburg, Germany
– Riesling
Jean Max Roger, Sancerre, France
– Sauvignon Blanc
Broadside Wild Fermentation, Paso Robles, CA, USA
– Chardonnay 

Red & Rosé

Malivoire, Niagara, Canada
– Gamay
Mayu Appasimento, Elqui Valley, Chile
– Carmenère
Le Ballon Rosé, Languedoc, France
– Cinsault/Grenache
Tawse Winery Growers Blend, Niagara, Canada
– Cab Franc

Draft Beer 9 oz/18 oz

Unfiltered Brewing, 12 Years To Zion, DIPA 8.0% 5/9, Roof Hound Grapefruit SIPA 5/9, 2 Crows, Field Hands, 3.4%, 5/9

Bottles & Cans

Anchor Brewing, California Lager – 375 ml
Brasserie Dunham, Musje, Belgian/Blonde Ale – 750 ml
Spindrift Killick Session Lager – 335 ml
Tatamagouche, Jitney, Dry Hopped Sour – 500 ml
Milford Station Farm Company, Young Brut Cider – 650 ml
North Brewing, Priority Pale Ale – 473 ml
Oude Beersel, Oude Geuze Vielle – 355 ml
Boxing Rock, Sunken Ledge Porter – 650 ml
Stillwell Brewing, Dang, Dry Hopped Saison – 500 ml

*Non Alcoholic: Coffee, Tea, Non Alcoholic Cocktails, Soda